Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dark Anegls 5th Company 5th Squad


I was really busy over the weekend, and so didn't get a chance to do any painting, or photography. Didn't even post a daily glamour shot like I wanted, so I'll do that now.

This is the Dark Angels 5th Company 5th Squad. I made them all beakie marines as if their armor were a little older than the rest of the company. I also hinged the top hatch on the rhino, which I didn't do on any others. I built this rhino first out of all 8 of mine, and I later decided that I might want to be able make razorbacks out of the other Rhino chassis, so the top hatches are glued, and just set in place.
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  1. Nice job, 5th squad look excellent along with their Rhino.

  2. Nice squad.
    I really like the right shoulder pad with the red arrow and number 5.

  3. Very nice indeed. I like your basing scheme, mixing the brown with the grey, it looks very good.

  4. Like the beakies, eh? Nice job! I'll always have a love for Dark Angels. I particularly like your choice of blue for the plasma weapons.

  5. Thanks all!

    @Darksol, yeah, the blue just seemed to be most appropriate.