Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scratch Built Goblin Chariot Part 3

I think I actually worked more on my chariot in the past week than normal however, most of the work is in little details and things that will make my life easier later, rather than major structural improvements.

Finally got the Fenris wolves I wanted to use for the Gobbo chariot and they look absolutely incredible. However, then I was faced with the prospect of making them look like they're actually attached to the chariot.

I don't really like the look of some GW chariots, where the animals just are floating under some cross braces, however, doing anything slightly more realistic turned out to be sort of daunting.

In the end I settled on trying to sculpt some harnesses on using green stuff. Since I have never really attempted any major sculpting with GS, my initial attempt was better than I expected, but not as good as I'd envisioned.

So, after pondering a while I hit upon the idea of gluing some thin plastic strip to it, to give it a smoother more layered appearance (as seen in the first pic). Much better, I think.

I also took an unused Goblin banner, a banner pole, and carefully stuck them together for a possible banner pole for the chariot. I was pretty happy that I managed to get it as straight as I did.

Finally, since I decided to stick with two-up wolves, I had to do something with the base. I couldn't have the wheels off the sides. I tried some methods to have one wheel in the air as if it were careering around the battlefield, but it just didn't quite seem right. In the end, I happened to hold up a spare messed up cavalry base to it and saw what needed to be done. I actually like the look, and it should rank up fairly decently with other chariots. 

It's nearly time to start working on the goblin crew! I'm looking forward to that!

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